Innovative and efficient winches

Remazel Engineering’s long-standing and well-established experience in the offshore sector makes it the ideal company for the design and installation of Winches. The wide range of winches made allows a flexible and versatile supply that can respond effectively to the different customer needs. High-quality, reliable and long-lasting products, in which the engineered component is combined with construction with a focus on the smallest detail.

In particular, the Remazel winches can provide traction for steel cables, metal ropes, chains and pipes under the scope of tasks such as mooring, pull-in Risers, Pipeline abandonment and recovery, lifting, deep water installation, Active Heave Compensation, towing and auxiliary operations.

Our offshore winches

  • Single/double/triple drum winches
  • Linear winches
  • Traction winches
  • Windlasses for chain
  • Chain jacks
  • Spooling winches and reel drives