26/02/2020 news

Following the recent development of the COVID-19 diffusion, our Company has implemented a dedicated Risk Management Policy as proactive and responsible reaction.

In specific, the following actions have been carried out:

• Develop the Risk Plan and define the actions to be taken according to the level of risk.

• Organize the mapping of the places of residence and habitual presence of workers.

• Combine the visitor access recording system with the collection of data typical of health aspects related to the spread of coronavirus, including temperature measurement.

• Restrict visitors access to only the necessary cases, preferring telephone communications or video call meetings.

• Suspend external work activities, preferring the use of video call systems and similar.

• Suspend the technical and commercial business trips.

• Increase the frequency of workplaces sanitizing.

• Take special precautions to limit contacts with drivers involved in the delivery or collection of goods.

• Inform all workers regarding the provisions defined by the Authorities and by this company policy.

• Recommend all workers to use prudence and report any anomalous situations or situations subject to interpretative doubts to the Company.

Remazel Engineering undertakes, also on this particular occasion, to safeguard the health of its workers, the workers of its customers, suppliers and third parties, through the adoption of the most appropriate measures according to the level of risk and the provisions in force.

This policy may be subject to updates due to changes in circumstances.