Power Generation

Advanced engineering solutions for the energy industry

The company’s technical department specialises in the development of highly complex projects and is equipped with the latest computer technology and calculation, drawing and 3D modelling software. Remazel Engineering’s advanced engineering solutions and extensive manufacturing experience enable it to design and implement technical solutions that are best suited to the customer’s requirements. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyses, and structural and thermal calculations, are the tools used to ensure optimum solutions, in order to make high-quality components that are suitable for meeting stringent design requirements. As a guarantee of the best “Made in Italy” marked products, at the end of each project, qualified staff from Remazel Engineering provides a complete in-house test and inspection service.
Construction sites are also chosen to minimise packaging and transportation costs, and to reduce delivery times. Remazel Engineering is an experienced and reliable project manager providing technical support for assembly and start-up operations around the world, and a maintenance and repair service supported by a qualified team of experts, for the installation, commissioning and maintenance of the constructed plants.

The Power Generation division includes three product lines: Combustion Technology, Gas Turbine Power Plants and Flue Gas Control, as well as the ADaCoS platform for predictive plant maintenance management.

Years of activity 50+
Completed projects 100+
Exaust Bypass System 100+
Dampers 4000+
Design ed engineering

Combustion Technology

Supply of burners for gas turbines, boilers and other industrial applications: from assembly to final testing, the manufacture of new components, and repair and overhaul of individual items.

Manufacturing, control & testing delivery

Gas Turbine Power Plants

Design, manufacture and after-sales service for gas turbine bypass exhaust systems: advanced engineering solutions with maximum efficiency, and minimum pressure loss and noise emissions.

Erection & commissioning

Flue Gas Control

Design, development and implementation of dampers for control of exhaust gases and air treatment systems, for all types of industrial activities, including cement factories, paper mills, refineries, etc.